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Introduction to the Concept Series: What Concepts Influence the People of Product Management?

The People of Product Management is a blog focused on exploring the human side of Product Management. In the first series of this new blog, the Relationship Series, I explored the relationship between the product manager and other role-players in the product development environment.

I would now like to introduce you to the second series in the blog, the Concept Series. How do the people of Product Management respond to important business concepts? Let’s start with the concept of strategy. To some it may feel like a warm, comforting blanket. To others it’s a straitjacket, tight and stifling. What about the concept of innovation? Some of us battle with the chaos of continuous change while others may thrive. Then there’s agile. Such a significant part of modern product development, but often also a source of confusion and frustration? Finally, we will focus on Project Management and how this, well-established concept impacts the world of Product Management.

In this series we delve into these key business concepts and their impact on Product Management from a human perspective. As I mentioned at the start of the Relationship Series, I am not a psychologist. Understanding people and their emotions does not come naturally to me. I have based much of the content in the Concept Series on my experience as a product manager. Over the years I have learnt to observe how people respond to these business concepts. In this series I have tried to reduce these observations down to a few key insights.

After the feedback I received about the Relationship Series, I am excited to get started with this new set of blogs. I hope you find them interesting. These concepts influence the people of Product Management in different ways. Understanding how and why people respond to these concepts is vital to ensuring they are a support for great product development and not a barrier.

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